The Trailing Edge's OS Quick Reference


Updated 12/27/98

This a a quick ref for several older operating systems. The original source was the OS reference sheets from the June 1983 issue of MICRO magazine. I'm adding other OS refs from manuals, books and magazines I have in the library. Hopefully this will help out someone as many older machines are found without manuals. I have most of the more common operating systems, if you know the commands for a less common OS I can add to the ref, please email me.

Apple DOS

Disk Directory CATALOG
File Copy BRUN FID
Assign I/O Buffers MAXFILES <x> (default 3)
Delete Disk File DELETE <file spec>
Execute Disk-Input Command EXEC <file spec>
Execute Binary File BRUN <file spec>[,A[$]<adr>]
Load File Into Memory BLOAD <file spec>[,A[$]<adr>]
Format Disk INIT <file spec>
Protect Disk Files LOCK <file spec>
Unprotect Disk Files UNLOCK <file spec>
Rename Disk File RENAME <file spec>, <file spec>
Save Memory To Disk File BSAVE <file spec>,A[$]<adr>,L[$]<len>
Error-check On Disk Writes VERIFY <file spec>
Monitor I/O Channel MON [C,I,O]
Turn Off Monitor NOMON [C,I,O]
Direct Output To I/O Channel PR# <x>
Direct Input To I/O Channel IN# <x>

Color Computer DOS

Disk Directory DIR <dn>
File Copy COPY <file spec1> TO <file spec2>
Disk Copy BACKUP <d1> [TO <d2>]
Delete Disk File KILL "<file spec>"
Execute Binary File EXEC
Load File Into Memory LOADM "<file spec>"[,<offsetadr>]
Merge File Into Memory File MERGE "<file spec>"[,R]
Take Input From Disk File DSKI$ <dn>, <trk>, <sec>, <str1>, <str2>
Output Disk File In ASCII DSKO$ <dn>, <trk>, <sec>, <str1>, <str2>
Format Disk DSKINI <dn>
Rename Disk File RENAME "<file spec1>" TO "<file spec2>"
Close Open Files UNLOAD [dn]
Save Memory To Disk File SAVEM "<file spec>", <strtadr>, <endadr>, <execadr>
Error-check On Disk Writes VERIFY [ON or OFF]
Select Default Drive DRIVE <dn>

6809 FLEX

Assign System & Work Drives ASN [,W=<drv>][,S=<drv>]
Append Disk Files APPEND <file spec>[,<file list>],<file spec>
Create New Text File BUILD <file spec>
Disk Directory CAT [<drv list>][,<match list>]
File Copy COPY <file spec>,<file spec>
COPY <file spec>,<drv>
COPY <drv>,<drv>,[<match list>]
Delete Disk File DELETE <file spec>[,<file spec>]
Execute Disk-input Command EXEC <file spec>
Execute Binary File <file spec>[.CMD] (default)
Load File Into Memory GET <file spec>[,<file list>]
Take Input From Disk File I,<file spec>,<command>
Output Disk File LIST <file spec>[,<line range>][,+N(or P)]
Format Disk NEWDISK <drv>
Send Output To Disk File O,<file spec>,<command>
Protect Disk Files PROT <file spec>[,(opts)]
Rename Disk File RENAME <file spec1>,<file spec2>
Save Memory To Disk File SAVE <file spec>, <begadr>, <endadr>[,<transadr>]
Error-check On Disk Write VERIFY [,ON (or OFF)]
Check Disk File Version VERSION <file spec>
Direct Output to Printer P,<command>
Install New Boot Program LINK <file spec>


Disk Sector Directory DIR <tt> (tt=00-76)
List Disk Directory RUN "DIR"
Create New File RUN "CREATE"
Delete Disk File RUN "DELETE"
Rename Disk File RUN "RENAME"
Copy Disk Or Disk Files RUN "COPIER"
Copy Data Files RUN "DATRAN"
Compare Disks Or Files RUN "COMPAR"
Sort Records In A Disk File RUN "GOSORT"
Pack Files To Front Of Disk RUN "REPACK"
Fill A File With Nulls RUN "ZERO"
File Copy LOAD <file spec1>, PUT <file spec2>
Assign I/O Buffers RUN "CHANGE"
Load File LOAD <file spec>
Execute Binary File CA <adr>=<trk>, <sec>, GO <adr>
Execute Binary File In BASIC Workspace XQT <file spec>
Load File Into Memory CA <adr>=<trk>, <sec>
Load Track Into Memory EXAM <adr>=<tt>
Take Input From Disk File INPUT #<6 or 7>
Format Disk INIT
Format Single Track INIT <tt>
Send Output To Disk File PRINT #<6 or 7>
Save Memory To Disk File SA <trk>, <sec>=<adr>/ <sec>=<adr>/ <pages>
Save BASIC Workspace PUT <file spec>
Select Disk Drive SE <dev>
Direct Output To I/O Channel IO, <channel no>
Direct Input To I/O Channel IO <channel no>


Append Disk Files MERGE <path> [<path>]
Create New Text File BUILD <path>
Create aNew Directory MAKDIR <path>
Disk Directory DIR [e][<path>]
Module Directory MDIR [e]
Change Working Data Dir CHD <pathlist>
Change Working Exec Dir CHX <pathlist>
File Copy COPY <path> <path>
Delete File DELETE <path> [<path>]
Execute Binary File EX <modname> [<modifiers>] [<parameters>]
Load File Into Memory LOAD <path>
Output Disk File in ASCII LIST <path> [<path>]
Output Disk File in Hex DUMP <path> [<path>]
Format Disk FORMAT <devname> [<opts>]
Protect/Unprotect Disk Files ATTR <path> [<opts>]
Rename Disk File RENAME <path> <newname>
Save Memory to Disk File SAVE <modname> [<modname>]
Error-check on Disk Writes VERIFY [U]
Install Current Boot Program COBBLER /<devname>
Install New Boot Program OS9GEN /<devname>
Echo Input to Output Path Echo <text>
Free Space Remaining FREE <devname>
Log User Onto System LOGIN
Abort Process KILL <procID>
Display Procedures & Status PROCS [e]
Set Process Priorities SETPR <procID> <number>
Display Memory Free MFREE [e]
Free Memory Module UNLINK <modname> [<modname>]
Print Errors in English PRINTERR
Time Share Monitor TSMON [<pathlist>]

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