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TRS-80 MC-10 Micro Color Computer (x2)
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XOR S-100 -12 System
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Atari 800

Updated 2001-08-05
Company/Released :Atari
CPU :65c02 (8 Bit)
Operating System :Atari OS
RAM :48 Kbytes
Storage :1 5.25" 1050 Floppy Drive
2 5.25" XF551 Floppy Drives
1 5.25" RANA 1000 Floppy Drive
1 410 Cassette Recorder
Display :HiTech Color Composite Monitor
Misc Peripherals :MPP 300 Baud Modem
Atari Light Pen
850 Interface (4 rs-232 serial / 1 parallel)
Koala Pad
Atari Trak Ball
History :06/82 : Acquired new with Cassette Recorder for $600.00
06/83 : Swapped 6502B cpu for 65C02 cpu.
10/17/96 : Acquired a second 800 for $25.00
04/15/97 : Added an SIO2PC/APE cable for $20.00
08/15/98 : Acquired Atari Logo, Atari Football, K-razy Antiks and River Rescue carts for $4.00.
11/02/98 : Calaxian cart for $1.99.
11/21/98 : Atari SX212 Modem for $2.92.
12/05/98 : Ms. Pacman, Pac-man carts for $1.99.
02/28/00 : Added 2 Atari 800s, 2 810 drives, Monitor, printer and misc software for cost of shipping. 02/00 : Received 2 800s, 2 810 disk drives, 850 interface, Epson MX-80IIIF/T printer, Zenith ZVM-131 color monitor, cables, power supplies, joystikes and piles of software and docs and books to numerous to list all for the cost of shipping.
08/05/01 : Was given Star Raiders, Missile Command, Pole Position and Frogger carts.


This was my second computer. For a while in 1982 and 1983 I wrote and sold games for it through a company called Fanfair. Made a few bucks but I'm sure nobody has seen any of them (might be a good thing too). I currently have two 800s in my collection, one has a flaky keyboard though, and 2 850 interfaces. I have an interesting problem with my RANA 1000 drive, I can use it as a non-boot drive but if I try to boot from it I get "Boot Error" messages. One of my XF551 drives has a similar problem, it too works as a non-boot drive just fine, but if I try to use it to boot the system doesn't even recognize it at all, it boots into the memo pad mode. If you know where I can get these fixed or what may be the problem please let me know. Be sure and check out my Atari Library.
I need a PSU for the SX212 modem and doc for it as well. Let me know if you can help out.

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