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Here you'll find info about the Exidy Sorcerer. Links to software, dealers, emulators and other items will be placed here. As there isn't much info on this system on the net, I've had to take to creating my own. There isn't much here at the moment but I'm be placing copies of documentation on the system here as well as other items. If you have anything on the Sorcerer you'd like to send me for the site, please email me at


A Guided Tour of Personal Computing by the Sorcerer of Exidy
Standard BASIC for the Sorcerer
Exidy Monitor Commands

PDF Docs

The Sorcerer Software and Technical Manuals were scanned and converted to PDFs by Al Kossow. Thanks Al for your contribution to the site!

Sorcerer Software Manual
Sorcerer Technical Manual
Sorcerer S-100 Expansion Manual
Software Internals Manual
Exidy Catalog - May 1980
Exidy Price List - May 1980


These are dumps of the various roms inside the Exidy Sorcerer. You can use these if you own a Sorcerer and need to create replacements for roms which have gone bad. This is a problem for many computer collectors who acquire a system often times without doc and no support from the manufacture. These files are all binary dumps and were provided by Pete Turnbull. He has included some modified versions of the original monitor roms to correct bugs. Thanks Pete!

Leslie Ayling pointed out that the first set I placed here were corrupted when I downloaded them from Pete. Thanks to Leslie and Pete, I believe I now have correct roms. The names of the rom files match the names on the roms in the Sorcerer.

BRUCE the address decoding PROM (32 bytes)
exchr-1 the character generator ROM (1K bytes)
exmo1-1 ROM for original monitor E000H-E7FFH (2K bytes)
exmo1-2 ROM for original monitor E800H-EFFFH (2K bytes)
exmon112-1 Pete's enhanced monitor (v1.12) ROM for E000H-E7FFH (2K bytes)
exmon112-1 Pete's enhanced monitor (v1.12) ROM for E800H-EFFFH (2K bytes)
exmon12-1 Pete's enhanced monitor (v1.2) ROM for E000H-E7FFH (2K bytes)
exmon12-1 Pete's enhanced monitor (v1.2) ROM for E800H-EFFFH (2K bytes)
exsb1-1 ROM for Exidy Standard BASIC C000H-C7FFH (2K bytes)
exsb1-2 ROM for Exidy Standard BASIC C800H-CFFFH (2K bytes)
exsb1-3 ROM for Exidy Standard BASIC D000H-D7FFH (2K bytes)
exsb1-4 ROM for Exidy Standard BASIC D800H-DFFFH (2K bytes)

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