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This is the currently cataloged contents of my Apple Library. If you have Apple manuals, books, catalogs, etc. you wish to be rid of, then email me and let's see if we can work something out.

Apple ][ Manuals

80-Column Text Card Manual
About Your Enhanced Apple IIe : User's Guide
APEX ASM65 Assembler Manual
APEX Handy Disk Manual
APEX OS Code Listing
APEX OS Manual
APEX TEC65 Editor Manual
APEX XPL0 Programming Language Manual
Apple II - The DOS Manual
Apple II AppleWorks Tutorial (x2)
Apple II BASIC Programming Manual
Apple II Cable and Connector Guide
Apple II Monitors Peeled
Apple II ProDOS User's Manual
Apple II Reference Manual
Apple IIc - Apple Presents the Apple IIc an Interactive Owner's Guide
Apple IIc Imagewriter User's Manual
Apple IIc - Setting Up your Apple IIc
Apple IIc - System Utilities
Apple IIc Technical Reference Manual
The Apple IIc brochure
Apple IIe - Design Guidelines
Apple IIe - Guide to the New Features
Apple IIe - Owner's Manual
Apple IIe - ProDOS Supplement to the Apple IIe Owner's Manual
Apple IIgs Owner's Guide
Apple IIgs System 6 User's Reference
Apple 6502 Assembler/Editor
Apple Fortran - Language Reference Manual
Apple Language Card - Installation and Operation Manual
Apple Logo II : An Introduction to Programming
Apple Logo II Reference Manual
Apple Mouse IIc User's Manual
Apple Pascal Reference Manual
Apple Pascal - Language Reference Manual
Apple Pascal - Operating System Reference Manual
Apple Software Bank - Contributed Programs Volumes 3 - 5
Apple SuperDrive User's Guide
AppleColor RGB Monitor Owner's Guide
Applesoft Tool Kit
Applesoft Tutorial
Applesoft II - BASIC Programming Reference Manual
AppleWorks Reference Manual
AZTEC C65 for the Apple II - User Manual
Disk II Installation Manual
DOS 3.2 Instructional and Reference Manual
DOS Programmer's Manual
DOS User's Manual
Dot Matrix Printer User's Manual (Part 2 : Guide to Apple //)
Extended 80-Column Text Card Supplement
Hayden Apple Assembly Development System
Microsoft Softcard II Installation and Operations Manual and Programmer's Manual
Monitor II User's Manual
Monitor IIc User's Manual
OSS CP/A OS Manual
Programmer's Aid #1 - Intallation and Operating Manual
Super Serial Card - Installation and Operating Manual
The Apple Card
The Apple Tapes - Introductory Programs for the Apple ][ plus.
The Applesoft Tutorial
The Thunder C Compiler
Tiny Pascal V1.0

Apple /// Manuals

Apple Business BASIC Reference - Volume 1
Apple Business BASIC Reference - Volume 2
Apple Speller ///
Apple Writer /// Part 1 - For New Users
Apple Writer /// Part 2 - For Experienced Users
Apple Writer /// Word Processing Language
Apple Writer /// Operating Manual
Backup /// User's Manual
Mail List Manager
Monitor III Owner's Manual
Owner's Guide
Pascal Introduction, Filer and Editor Manual
Pascal Programmer's Manual Volume 1
Pascal Programmer's Manual Volume 2
Pascal Program Preparation Tools
Pascal 1.1 Numerics
Pascal 1.1 Update
Profile Owner's Manual
Silenttype /// User's Guide
Softcard III CP/M Reference Manual
Softcard III Errata
Softcard III Installation and Operation Manual
Softcard III Microsoft BASIC Reference Manual
SOS Reference Manual Vol 1
SOS Reference Manual Vol 2
System Utilities - An Introduction Exercise Booklet
Universal Parallel Interface Card Installation & Operating Manual
Visicalc /// User's Manual

Apple Macintosh Manuals

Macintosh II Owner's Guide

Apple ][ Books

Apple II User's Guide
Apple IIgs Technical Reference
Apple Graphics and Arcade Game Design
Apple Logo
Apple Machine Language
Apple Pascal : A Hands-on Approach
Apple Pascal Games
Beneath Apple DOS
Beaneath Apple ProDOS
Computer Station's Programmer's Handbook to the Apple II
Enhancing Your Apple II
Intimate Instructions in Integer BASIC
Pascal Programming for the Apple (x2)
Practical BASIC Programs - Apple II Edition
Programming the Apple IIgs in C and Assembly Language
Technical Introduction to the Apple IIgs
The Apple IIgs Toolbox Revealed
The Book of Apple Software - 1981
The Custom Apple and Other Mysteries
Using 6502 Assembly Language with an Introduction to Sweet-16

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