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Mattel Intellivision

Updated 2000-06-29
Company/Released :Mattel Electronics
CPU :GI-1600 (16 Bit)
Misc Peripherals :Intellivoice
History :11/15/96 : Acquired with several carts for $44.00.
11/23/96 : Added an Intellivoice for $11.00
12/13/96 : Added Tropical Trouble & Nova Blast for $19.50
06/06/97 : Armor Battle for $0.99.
07/11/98 : Added AD&D, Demon Attack, Space Battle, Space Armada, Sea Battle, Poker & Blackjack for $5.95.
08/05/98 : Added AD&D Treasue of Tarmin, Pitfall!, Frog Bog, Burger Time, Tron - Maze-A-Tron and Swords & Serpents for $5.94.
12/05/98 : Skiing, Boxing, Loco-motion carts for $2.99.


AD&D Treasure of Tarmin Mattel Electronics Missing overlays & doc
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Mattel Electronics
Armor Battle Mattel Electronics Missing box, instructions & overlays.
Auto Racing Mattel Electronics
Bomb Squad Mattel Electronics
Burger Time Data East Missing overlays & doc
Demon Attack Imagic
Donkey Kong Coleco Missing box & overlays
Frog Bog Mattel Electronics Missing overlays & doc
Lock'n'Chase Mattel Electronics Missing box.
Major League Baseball Mattel Electronics Missing box.
NFL Football Mattel Electronics Missing box.
Night Stalker Mattel Electronics Missing box.
Nova Blast Imagic Shrinkwrapped.
Pitfall! Activision Missing overlays & doc
Poker & Blackjack Mattel Electronics
Sea Battle Mattel Electronics Missing one overlay.
Space Armada Mattel Electronics
Space Battle Mattel Electronics
Space Spartans Mattel Electronics
Stampede Activision
Star Strike Mattel Electronics Missing box.
Swords & Serpents Imagic Missing overlays & doc
The Dreadnaught Factor Activision
Tron - Maze-a-tron Mattel Electronics Missing overlays & doc.
Tropical Trouble Imagic Shrinkwrapped.
Utopia Mattel Electronics


This was Mattel Electronic's answer to the, then king of the hill, Atari 2600. The cpu is interesting in that it had 16 bit registers and 16 bit memory but it had 10 bit instructions. It was actually out in 1979 but only in a small test market area and wasn't released to the general public until 1980. The Blue Sky Rangers, some of the original Intellivision programmers, have released an emulator, check out their web site below for details.

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