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Nintendo Wii

Updated 2008-10-18
Company/Released :Nintendo
CPU :PowerPC (Broadway) (32 Bit)
Misc Peripherals :Two Wiimote and nunchuk controllers, rechargeable batteries and charger, Wii Fit pad.
History :2008 : Acquired system.


We had one of these in the place since they first came out as my son had pre-ordered one. But it had become such a pain to bring his down from his room every time we wanted to play and have him take it back when he wanted to play that I figured we needed our own in the living room. When I walked into a Best Buy recently and noticed some on the shelf I picked one up since it was the first time I've ever actually seen them on the shelf in a store since they came out. Decided to see what the Wii Fit was about as well since they had a stack of them at the time too.

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