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Sega Master System

Updated 2001-01-17
Company/Released :Sega
CPU :Z-80 (8 Bit)
Misc Peripherals :Light Gun
History :06/16/98 : Acquired for free with Altered Beast cart.
07/07/98 : Acquired Enduro Racer, Zillion, Great Basketball, Space Harrier, Rambo First Blood Part II and Parlour Games for $17.94.
01/17/01 : Acquired second system and gun for $12.98.


Altered Beast Sega Missing box & instructions.
Enduro Racer Sega Missing instructions.
Great Basketball Sega Missing instructions.
Parlour Games Sega Missing box & instructions.
Rambo First Blood Part II Sega
Space Harrier Sega Missing instructions.
Zillion Sega Missing instructions.


This was Sega's original 8 bit system. Haven't had a chance to try this out yet.
Only had one game but just grabbed several more. Now I can really try this system out. Ok, I thought I could. Turns out I'm missing the power supply.
Now I have the PSU but the system doesn't seem to see the carts. It always comes up running the same internal game. Is there something special I have to do to get it to switch to the cart? Any help or other comments can be emailed to me.

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