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AT&T 3B1 (x2)
DEC PDP-11/34
DG Nova-3
HP 9836
Mac Plus
Mac SE/30 (x2)
MicroVAX 3100
Sun 3/80
Sun SPARCstation 5


Updated 2004-09-01
Company/Released :DEC
CPU :PDP11 (16 Bit)
Operating System :??
RAM :??
Storage :??
Display :??
Misc Peripherals :??
History :07/29/2001 : Pick up this along with an RK05J drive and 9 track tape drive, print sets and some doc.
09/2004 : No longer in the collection. Traded for a NeXTstation to someone better suited to restoring it than I.


No longer part of the collection as I passed it along to someone else who can deal with it better than I could.

Original Comments

Picked up this 11/60 but without a cabinet. The RK05J and tape drive I was planning to use with my PDP 11/34. After I get a chance to set this up and check it out I'll get some photos up and more info on it. This is also the first print sets and doc I've picked up for the PDP-11.

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