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My HP-9836

HP 9836

Updated 2015-04-30
Company/Released :HP
CPU :68000 (16 Bit)
Operating System :HP BASIC 2.0 ??
RAM :???
Storage :2 Internal 5.25" Floppy Drives
Display :Integrated HP Monitor
Misc Peripherals :None
History :07/19/1997 : Acquired.
04/30/2015 : Transferred to another collector.


Finally passed this along to someone I hope make better use of it than I. I just didn't have the time, space or supporting doc/software to work with it.

Original Comments

I picked this up with a bunch of other HP equipment and some Apple equipment for $50. It has these board plugged into slots in the rear; HP BASIC Rom Card, 98256A 48L Rev D, Eventide WKBP-4 Rev C and 98626A RS232 Rev C. Also when I power it up it tells me it needs memory above a certain location, I need to go back and check the message. If anyone has any doc or software for these I'd like to hear from you.

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