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DG Nova-3
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DG Nova-3

Updated 2016-03-31
Company/Released :Data General
CPU :None
Operating System :None
RAM :None
Storage :None
Display :None
Misc Peripherals :None
History :02/13/1998 : Acquired basic cabinet without any cards (ie. no cpu, memory, etc.) for $10.00.
03/31/2016 : Sold along with my DEC PDP-11/34 to another collector for $100.


Never had the space or parts to do anything with this so passed it along to someone else who might be able to make better use of it.

Original Comments

I've never worked with Data General equipment before so don't really know much about them. This system is only the case without any cards. No cpu, memory or controllers. If you have any cards I can plug in to help get this system back online or documentation, or other items for the Nova series, let me know. I can use any assistance at all. I do have some software manuals for the Nova/Eclipse but that's about it. Pictures coming soon.

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