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HP 2000ASR-33APF Imagination MachineHeathkit H11Enterprise 64

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AT&T 3B1 (x2)
DEC PDP-11/34
DG Nova-3
HP 9836
Mac Plus
Mac SE/30 (x2)
MicroVAX 3100
Sun 3/80
Sun SPARCstation 5

MicroVAX 3100

Updated 2019-07-01
Company/Released :DEC
CPU :???
Operating System :VMS
RAM :???
Storage :Came with a DEC Storage Expansion Unit but no drives.
Display :None
Misc Peripherals :None
History :Unknown : Picked up base unit and storage expansion unit for free.
2019 : Both units has gone to the great beyond.


Recycled the base unit and the storage expansion unit and nobody wanted them and was unable to do anything with them.

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